“Thank you – You’ve changed my life”

The advantage of working with a stop smoking professional that’s been helping clients to quit for years means you’ll be able to see, hear and feel their testimonials.

It helps you to overcome that one big question many smokers have – which goes something like this, “… yes, but will it work … FOR ME?”

So here are just a few of messages I’ve received from past clients, both smokers and for other issues, so you can realise this can work for you too.

I’ll also show you the original documents when we meet.

I want to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

“Hypnoquit was what I went to see Charles for. I was 20 a day in a stressful job with high demands and i never thought this would work for me. 4 months on and I have never smoked again and would say I never would.if you wanna quit feel better and heathlier then book an appointment and feel the benefits right away.”

Steve Lawrence, via Facebook

“Hi Charles hope you are well, I quit with your help in June 2015, still a non smoker and intend to always be a non smoker. Thank you.”

Pauline Gall, via Facebook


“Thank you so much for your help on this journey. I have discovered that my sleeping problem was much more complex & with your help I was able to understand it, and win it!.”

Miss F, Bretton

Relationship issues

“Hello – just a message to say that I feel I don’t need to come along anymore.

I thank you for time and help – I do feel so much better. Take care.”

Miss L, Stanground

Stop smoking

“Went to you see Charles in 2015 for smoking and nearly 3 years later i am still off the cigarette thank you for your help brilliant.”

Samantha Wheeler via, Facebook


“I would like to thank you for all the help I have received from you and will always be very grateful to you.”

Mrs C, Werrington

School non-attendence

“Hi Charles, thanks for the session, u were fab with X, miles better on one session than all the NHS counselling sessions put together!”

Mrs R for child, Orton

Needle phobia

“I found you and now my life isn’t stuck in a rut I am so grateful to you and thankful of the outlook I now have on life.

I know how much you wanted me to succeed & I have! Hypnosis works.”

Miss W, Market Deeping

Stop Smoking

“Thanks for getting back to me, I’m really pleased with the none smoking it had been 6 years on November 14 last year and I’m still a clean non smoker! I remember that day like it was yesterday and hope that with this …”

Now an ex-smoker by text msg, screen shot

Quit smoking

“Just want to express our thanks to you for stopping smoking for 6 months with no feelings or urges to smoke.  Long may it continue.”

Mr & Mrs S, Longthorpe.
Note: both are still non-smokers 2 years later & have recommended other smokers to me.

Social anxiety

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner – I have really noticed a change in myself since I started my therapy with you and I thank you deeply for that.”

Miss R, Hampton

Stop smoking

“Hi Charles. Hope you are well, just wanted to get in touch to let you know I’m well and to say it has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to have met you.

I could not have quit smoking without your input, and I do feel to be in a much better place since our two sessions.

So all the best to you Charles, thank you so much for your help.”

Mrs P, Dogsthorpe

Why do YOU want to quit smoking?

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What would that do for you and your future?

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I want to Stop Smoking

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