How to quickly stop using Cocaine

Cocaine is a drug that’s been in use by people to self-medicate their feelings for many decades.

The cocaine that you’re using is actually extracted from the coco plant, which comes from the Andean highlands of South America.

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Cocaine a.k.a. …

Because of its illegal status there are many alternative names that both cocaine, and it’s much more dangerous alternative version crack cocaine, are know as below.

Common slang terms for cocaine include

  • Coke, Charlie, Snow, Sniff, Nosebag, Bolivian Marching Powder, Blow, Bump, C or Big C, Dust, Flake, Line, Nose Candy, Pearl, Rail, Sneeze, Speedball, Toot and White Rock

Common slang terms for crack cocaine include

  • Black rock, Candy, Chemical, Cookies, Dice, Gravel, Grit, Hail, Hard rock, Jelly beans, Nuggets, Purple caps, Rocks, Scrabble, Sleet, Snow coke and Tornado.

‘But it’s just a bit of fun’

You may be able to remember the first time you tried Cocaine – perhaps you were at a party or a gig with friends – they’re all doing it and you wanted to fit in.

The trouble with that was that the once the chemical effects of Cocaine had got into your system you enjoyed it so much you wanted more.

And more.

And more.

And then you’re hooked.

Cocaine is a ‘gateway drug’ to other drugs too

Cocaine is often seen as an ‘alternative’ drug, one that acts as a way of showing you’re a member of a tribe or group.

If that’s you then you may have already found yourself being pressurised into mixing taking cocaine with other drugs, which increases its harmful effects on your body and mind.

Perhaps you’re someone who’s using cocaine along with other drugs, or to ‘fit in’ with a social group.

Do you find yourself doing or thinking like the examples below?

  • Do you have a friendship group you hang with who use regularly and so you find it difficult to say no?
  • Are you now using it daily and/or at times when it is not appropriate such as before or during work or when you should be looking after other members of your family?
  • You’ve lost, or are losing members of your family because they don’t want to be around a Cocaine user any longer – but still you can’t quit.
  • You’ve realised your anxiety and paranoia levels are rising – buy you still can’t quit?
  • Did you used to only ever use Cocaine with your friends but now find you’re often do it alone?
  • You ‘bargain’ with yourself – ‘this time I’ll just have a few drinks’ – but you always seem to end up doing Cocaine, again
  • You still enjoy using but find the crashing comedowns horrendous and they’re having bad knock-on effects at work or with your family life?
  • Have you played the ‘bargaining game’ with yourself – you’ve tried to cut down your use – but you’re are struggling to quit 100%?
  • You’ve already realised you no longer enjoy doing Cocaine but can’t stop being compelled to use it?

If that’s you then you’re now at the time and place in your life where you need to quit.

I want to Stop Smoking

Using Cocaine and Alcohol together

Many Cocaine users often end up drinking alcohol around the same time and together the two can make a powerful – and dangerous – cocktail in your mind.

It’s because the two chemicals Cocaine and Alcohol when present in your body at the same time produce a drug called Cocaethylene – which is more powerful but also extremely more toxic to the body.

The good news, however, is that when the use of one drug is stopped your interest in the other can be changed too.

You Cocaine habit needs to stop and CAN stop

However many times you’ve thought about or actually tried to quit using Cocaine – NOW is the time to quit permanently.

This quit programme goes deep to the roots of your Cocaine habit – and rips them out of the ground so they stop growing in your mind any longer.

If you want to quit for good contact me today so you can find out more about this amazing procedure.

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