The modern and effective way to stop smoking cigarettes

At the Peterborough Stop Smoking Clinic you benefit from the most advanced and modern method to help you to stop smoking cigarettes, e-cigs, cannabis or any other similar products.

I’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of people, from all ages, religions and countries, to finally quit smoking.

Having done this successfully over many years I’d have been foolish not to have recognised certain key trends and patterns that those now ex-smokers had.

To notice the similar thoughts that they believed, the feelings that they had – all of which needed to be revised so that they could finally become free from smoking.

It was this review of my previous successes, along with some of the clients who came to see me more than once to quit smoking, that I was able to develop a programme that dealt with all of the key problems smokers have.

I want to Stop Smoking

A programme that finally gives smokers what they want – freedom from having to continue to smoke.

Following research to understand in detail how our brains code habits and how it’s then possible to alter this coding, the HypnoQuit® procedure ensures that smokers can finally break free from smoking.

This works because during your appointment we will work with both the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind to ensure you’ll be fully supported in your desire to quit.

HypnoQuit® truly is a modern, 21st century way to deal with a habit that’s been around us for hundreds of years.

stop smoking cigarettes peterborough

I want to Stop Smoking

Quitting after pregnancy

I’ve helped a lot of women to quit who found themselves able to quit on their own whilst pregnant, but as soon as they’d given birth they felt compelled to re-start. 

Often having to sneak outside so their children didn’t catch them having a cigarette they’d have to lie or pretend they were still a no-smoker. 

12 month quit support guarantee

The vast majority of stop smoking clients attend for a single session and they are then free from their unhealthy habit.

Sometimes, however, there might be a reason or trigger that wasn’t identified in that appointment.

This can mean that at a later date they may start to smoke again, or feel they are being pulled in that direction.

This is why I include in the HypnoQuit® programme an additional appointment which you can take at any time up to twelve months after the initial appointment – to uncover and resolve any such underlying issues.

I want to Stop Smoking