FAQ about stopping smoking with hypnosis

You can contact me with your questions, however, I’ve written the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions on this page.

When can I call myself a non-smoker?

Will it work or have I left it too late to try to quit?

Nobody has ever “left it too late” to quit.

Every day you spend back as a non-smoker will be good for you.

Perhaps you’ve tried hypnosis before and if so let me assure you that HypnoQuit® is a cutting edge approach and not something that should be compared to the “old school” ways of hypnosis you may have experienced previously.

What can hypnosis help with?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are powerful ways to help you to overcome something that’s stopping you enjoying your life, even if it’s a habit that’s been with you for decades.

Previous clients have achieved amazing successes in areas such as quitting smoking for good using my HypnoQuit® method without needing pills, potions or tablets and whilst being free from side-effects and relapses. 

You’ll find I offer a confident, professional and friendly approach, so if you’re one of my “… I don’t know if it’ll work for me …” clients, contact me and let’s speak. 

I want to Stop Smoking

Do you only help people to stop smoking?

Whilst the vast majority of my clients contact me seeking help to quit smoking I’ve also helped clients to overcome many other challenges.

For example, here’s a brief video I posted about social media anxiety.

If there’s something else you wish to overcome contact me and you can ask me any questions about whatever’s on your mind.

Do many people use hypnosis to help change?

Yes, many people do and find it’s effective too.

20% of adults will suffer from Anxiety or Depression in their lifetime.

25% adults will speak to their doctor about feelings that are troubled by.

78% of overweight people say they know they need to deal with it but their thoughts keep stopping them.

63% of all smokers admit they want to quit.

Mind-Body Coaching helps – find out more today.

What is hypnosis?

HypnoQuit® is based in-part around hypnosis which is simply a state of focused relaxation, rather like how we feel when we find ourselves ‘lost’ in reading a good book or caught up in watching a great film.

There’s nothing you have to ‘do’ as such, no funny headgear or eye-masks that you’ll need to wear and you’ll find the time flies as you’ll enjoy the process immensely.

Do you provide a guarantee or offer a refund if it doesn’t work for me?

No single method can ever guarantee to be 100% effective and sometimes, for whatever reason, a client’s desire to change comes up against some unexpected personal issues which means the result desired is not achieved.

I am sometimes contacted by prospective clients who say they want to quit “for the sake of their family”, however unless they want to quit for themselves clients such as those will find it hard to stay a non-smoker.

Also, once you’ve quit it won’t be possible to “just have one for the sake of it”, or to “just have one to test myself”, since to even think of doing that means there’s something going on in your mind that needs to be reviewed.

I do, however, provide a Quit Support Guarantee, which is that I will work with a client in a subsequent follow-up appointment at any time in the twenty-four months after their initial appointment, to help uncover and resolve any outstanding issues preventing them from stopping smoking, if such circumstances occur.

Since I cannot control any of the situations such as those above and because your own will power is required for the process to work, I do not give refunds as I will always provide my clients with a service to the best of my abilities based upon their personal circumstances.

I want to Stop Smoking

Can my doctor or GP refer me to you?

Yes, absolutely, however, with the pressure on hospital funds I wouldn’t expect them to fund your appointment.

I do have clients who contact me having been suggested to do so by their GP or nurse and I’ve had nurses and doctors come to me for help themselves perhaps someone in your local practice is already aware of the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. 

If you wish to discuss this, please feel free to contact me for a discussion as to the next steps.

How long does the process take?

Your initial, and if you’re like most of my HypnoQuit® clients the only appointment you’ll require, will be scheduled for up to two hours.

Within the HypnoQuit® Stop Smoking Programme I include a further appointment of one hours duration in the unlikely event that you were to restart smoking.

This can happen if a trigger or circumstance unique to you wasn’t identified in the initial appointment and will usually be quick to deal with.

Sometimes clients aren’t too clear on their ‘reason why’ – if that’s you then this video may help.

I’ve got another question. How can I find out more about if you can help me?

Contact me and we speak further about any concerns or issues you might have.

I want to Stop Smoking