Who is Hypnotherapist Charles Stevenson?

Why me?  Why do I think I can help you quit smoking? Watch this video – it’s our way of having a quick ‘virtual meeting’ and you’ll find out a little more about why you’re in safe hands to help you to quit.

I want to Stop Smoking

Hundreds have already quit with HypnoQuit®

I’ve successfully helped many hundreds of clients to quickly, effectively and permanently create significant changes in their lives.

Some of these were emotional changes and others also included changing long-term habits or addictions, such as smoking, drinking or drugs and it’s from doing this work plus extensive further research and study, that the HypnoQuit® programme was developed.

You’re probably someone who’s already looked into, and perhaps already tried, many different ways to quit.

Patches, pills, potions and tablets and yes, I’d tried them all too.

None worked.

That’s why, one afternoon, in the days before the internet, I called a hypnotherapist I found in the Yellow Pages (remember that?) and went to see him.

I didn’t know if it would work, but I sure as hell wanted it to.

Your experience of hypnosis may well be like mine, it’s rather like nothing’s ‘happening’ but by the end you’ll find yourself in a different frame of mind, as if you’ve shed the old smoking habit and simply chosen to become a non-smoker.

Well, that’s what happened for me and I’ve never smoked again since that day.

That was a fair few decades ago and hypnosis has advanced further which means you’ll benefit from HypnoQuit® which combines the most powerful and effective parts of the most modern, and fast ways to help you to get your mind back on track, off of smoking and back onto being a non-smoker.

peterborough quit cigarette clinic

He’s an ex-smoker too

You’ve already heard that back in the past I used to smoke too, and quit with the help of hypnosis – so you know you’ll be supported by someone who knows what it feels like to be in the clutches of that habit.

So if you feel like you’re going round in circles, one day saying you’ll quit and a few hours later buying another packet of cigarettes, I’m sure I can help you.

If it feels like you’re out of control, as if someone or something inside you keeps making you want to smoke, I’m sure I can help you.

And if you’re tired of having to pretend to others that you smoke less than you do, or that you’re lying and pretending you’ve quit when just reading this is making you desperate for another cigarette, I’m sure I can help you.

I’ve been involved in hypnosis, psychology and helping clients to make massive changes in their lives for over twenty years and so if you’re interested in making this the year you quite putting off quitting, contact me today.

I want to Stop Smoking