I help people with no willpower to quit smoking quickly without cravings or withdrawals

Do you enjoy wasting money, being on the losing side of a deal?

Are you a property investor or someone who invests in the financial markets?

Or perhaps you’re simply someone who’s paying off a mortgage on their own home, or even saving up whilst renting, hoping one day to get ‘onto the ladder’?

Wherever you are in the scale of finances, you’re no doubt doing the best you can so as to create a long-term investment portfolio, a legacy for your family’s future.

If that’s true, then what’s going to happen if you’re not around to see them all benefit from your endeavours?

Who’s going to continue to drive forwards your successes if you die an early death due to your smoking habit?

Read on to discover how you can change this situation and shape this deal in your favour.

How would YOU feel if you could easily quit smoking TODAY?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking something like this…

  • “I want to quit smoking to be a role model for my kids”
  • “I want to quit smoking so my fingers stop being stained
  • “I want to quit smoking so my clothes stop smelling of stale cigarette smoke”
  • “I don’t want to have to stop my car journeys to have fag breaks
  • “I want to quit smoking before my teeth all fall out”

… or this?

  • “I want to quit smoking before I get cancer
  • “I don’t want to die early like my mum and dad did”
  • “I want to stop having to sneak out of the house so my kids don’t see me smoke because they think I’ve quit”
  • “I want to stop before it’s too late
  • “I want to quit without putting on weight
  • “I want to quit smoking so I don’t have to keep standing outside buildings like an outcast

… or this?

  • “I want to quit so I can get fit again”
  • “I want to stop so I can run around with my children
  • “I want to be around for when my grandchildren grow up”
  • “I want to stop smoking so I can save up for a holiday”
  • “I want to stop before my illness gets any worse”
  • “I want to stop this so I don’t have to go out at two in the morning to buy a packet of cigarettes”

Every one of these comments have been said to me by people I’ve helped to quit – and there’s also been a few more that I can’t publish here also!

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What will you gain by quitting smoking?

If you’re ready to quit you can get in touch right now and tell me why you want to make this happen in your life.

Don’t let your smoking habit affect your health and wealth any longer.

Your investment in the HypnoQuit stop smoking programme will be considerably less than what you’re probably spending on smoking in just one month.

So don’t wait – join the hundreds of other successful ex-smokers who I’ve helped to quit and take a step towards beginning your new, healthier life today.

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What’s your smoking habit costing you?

Just one pack a day means your habit’s costing you over £2,700 per year.

Being blunt and as an ex-smoker myself, let me put it to you simply-

“If you smoke you are a prize fool and you’re paying your favourite tobacco company thousands of pounds every year so you can die a hideous death. And that, my friend, needs to stop TODAY!”

Prepare to feel great about what you can achieve, becoming a non-smoker again with the help of HypnoQuit®.

How would you invest an extra £500 – £1,000 per month?

You’re a professional.

You know how to invest, what to look for, the pros and cons of any particular deal structure and are always looking to make a profit.

That’s great, and you’ve produced significant results to date.

But what about the money you’ve wasted, literally let it go up in smoke, through your habit?

All those wasted tens of thousands of pounds, gone.


In the markets they say ‘cut your losses and run your profits’ – so wouldn’t it be the correct decision to cut yourself free from your habit and take the future profits that offers?

Just think how much more health and wealth you’d have over the rest of your life – to be there for your family, to see your investments grow and mature.

A programmed designed to help you quit

I wasn’t satisfied with what other people were doing – I wanted the best methods possible for my clients.

So firstly, I researched, reviewed and combined the best elements from the best stop smoking techniques, stripped them down to just the most effective elements.

Then I improved upon them all to create my stop smoking programme.

It’s powerful, fast, effective – and life-changing.

This is because it’s personalised and tailored to YOUR reasons for smoking along with YOUR triggers you find make you want to smoke. 

To find our more request your stop smoking strategy call today.

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You CAN do this

HypnoQuit® stop smoking clients discover a feeling of, “Yes! I’ve done this. I wonder what else can I achieve?”

This is because being successful is rather like a healthy addiction, a wonderful replacement for that old cigarette habit you used to have.

For you might mean your deal-making confidence improves, or your presentation confidence increases – there’s always additional benefits, deal-sweeteners if you wll.

The Best Stop Smoking Programme Available

Imagine how clear, clean and fresh your mouth, throat and lungs would feel again.

Think how great you would feel, finally being able to say to people, “No thanks – I don’t smoke.”

Whatever your age, however many years you’ve smoked and however much you smoke each day you can be free from wanting to smoke, ever again.

So if you’re frustrated and sick and tired of being a smoker and want to stop, then make the decision to change your life today.

With HypnoQuit® you too could finally become a non-smoker.

To find out more, contact me today.

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Some of the myths and lies about stopping smoking

There are many myths and lies about trying to stop smoking, so let’s get a few of those out of the way once and for all:

  • Yes, you’ll still be able to socialise with smokers, if you want to
  • If you used to go down the pub, bar, club or resturant for a few drinks, you can still do that after stopping smoking if you want to
  • Quitting smoking doesn’t mean you’ll start to overeat
  • Stopping smoking doesn’t mean you’ll put on weight
  • Becoming a non-smoker won’t make you have a short temper, become angry or start to swear all the time.

Those myths and lies are really just excuses, and you don’t need them any longer, because you’re now ready to quit smoking for good.

With hypnosis it’s possible that someone just like you, a regular, long-term smoker can find themselves being able to stop smoking easily without any of the following:

  • e-sigs or electronic cigarettes
  • patches
  • sprays or inhalers
  • gum
  • lozenges or sweets
  • microtabs

This is because each of those less effective methods keeps you stuck in the belief that your body wants nicotine. 

With HypnoQuit®, however, you could find yourself breaking free from that old smoking habit without needing to use any of those temporary crutches. 

Once you realise this you’ll find that it could be very easy to stop smoking with hypnosis because it’s:

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Has no need to rely just upon willpower
  • Doesn’t cause weight gain
  • HypnoQuit® can help with a variety of smoked substances
  • The HypnoQuit® stop smoking process can also help people stop smoking cannabis.

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