Are you Ready to Throw Away your LAST Ever Pack of Cigarettes, Knowing That You’ll NEVER, EVER Smoke Again?

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Have you ever calculated how much smoking has already COST you Financially, Physically & Emotionally?

Financially All those packets of cigarettes, papers and tobacco, along with the extra cleaning costs of clothing, cars and around your home

Physically The lack of fitness, earlier onset of health issues, and, let’s be honest, the increased possibility of an earlier and discomforting death.

Emotionally All those years of gambling that you’ll quit soon, someday, whilst all the time realising that you were lying to yourself, because you couldn’t break free.

Isn’t TODAY the right day to stop paying that price any longer?

I want to Stop Smoking

How would YOU feel if you could EASILY become a non-smoker again, in the next seven days?

Would that be good for you to do? (Hell Yes!)

So let me ask you something else, have you ever caught yourself thinking something like this…

  • “I want to quit smoking to be a role model for my kids”, or
  • “I want to quit smoking so my fingers stop being stained, or
  • “I want to quit smoking so my clothes stop smelling of stale cigarette smoke”, or
  • “I don’t want to have to stop my car journeys to have fag breaks, or
  • “I want to quit smoking before my teeth all fall out”

Because if you have then you are EXACTLY the type of smoker I developed this programme for.

You can click here to read a list of some more of the reasons some of my other stop smoking clients said they wanted to quit, or you can dive right in and book your own Stop Smoking Strategy call right away.

Today’s the day you decide to quit smoking

I’ve worked with hundreds of smokers to help them successfully break free of the lethal habit that had been controlling their every waking thought – and you can break free too.

I’m confident I can help you in just the same way – just think about what you could do with those extra thousands of pounds every year, plus feeling healthier, stronger and calmer too.

And yes, the benefits you will gain will be much more than just financial – your whole life will improve as well.

I want to Stop Smoking

Whatever you smoke I can help you to quit

This means whether you smoke cigarettes or roll-ups, e-cigs, cannabis or cocaine you are now at the right place, at the right time, to become a non-smoker again.

That means, no reasons to continue, no excuses left to make.

hypnosis quit stop smoking screenshot

Do you know how much your smoking habit’s costing you?

Just one pack a day means your habit’s costing you nearly £3,000 per year.

That’s £3k per year, every year, for the rest of your life (however long that might be!)

And so, being blunt and as an ex-smoker myself, let me put it to you even more simply…

“If you smoke you are a prize fool and you are paying your favourite tobacco company thousands of pounds every year so you can die a hideous death. And that, my friend, needs to stop TODAY!”

Yes. Stop. You can do it, so prepare to feel great about what you can achieve, becoming a non-smoker again with the help of HypnoQuit®.

I want to Stop Smoking

What would you do with an extra £500-£1,000+ per month?

It might sound like a big reach to go from £3,000 per year to £500-£1,000 per month, but bear with me for a moment.

Maybe you’re someone who wants to create a legacy for your family.

There are many ways to do this – you might invest in property, stocks, shares, or trade currencies or crypto perhaps.

Maybe you already have plans in place, know what to look for, can assess the pros and cons of any particular deal and are always looking to make a profit.

That’s great, and maybe you’ve already produced significant results to date.

But what about the money you’ve WASTED, literally let go up in smoke, through your habit?

All those wasted tens of thousands of pounds, gone.

And who’s going to continue to drive forward your successes if you die an early death due to your smoking habit?

Taken Way Too Early!

In the markets they say ‘cut your losses and run your profits’ – so wouldn’t it be the correct decision to CUT YOURSELF FREE from your habit and take advantage of the future profits that offers?

Just think how much more healthier and wealthier you’ll be for the rest of your life – to be there for your family, to see your investments grow and mature.

testimonial stop smoking peterborough hypnosis hypnoquit

I want to Stop Smoking

Yes – You CAN do this!

My HypnoQuit® stop smoking clients discover a feeling of, “Yes! I’ve done this. I wonder what else can I achieve?”

This is because being successful is rather like a healthy habit, a wonderful replacement for that old cigarette smoking habit you used to have.

For you this might mean your deal-making confidence improves, or your presentation confidence increases – there are always additional benefits, deal-sweeteners as such.

P.S. Read this if you think you’re that one person who just can’t quit

If you’re one of ‘those’ smokers who thinks they can’t quit you need to read this , where you’ll discover more about the myths and lies smokers believe. When you do you’ll realise they’re really just excuses, and you don’t need them any longer, because you’re now ready to quit smoking for good.


Got some more questions? That’s ok, since here are all the answers you need to read.

I want to Stop Smoking

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Simply the Best Stop Smoking Programme Available

Imagine how clear, clean and fresh your mouth, throat and lungs would feel again.

Think how great you would feel, finally being able to say to people, “No thanks. I don’t smoke.”

Whatever your age, however many years you’ve smoked and however much you smoke each day you can be free from wanting to smoke, ever again.

So if you’re frustrated and sick and tired of being a smoker and want to stop, then make the decision to change your life today.

With HypnoQuit® you too could finally become a non-smoker.

To find out more, contact me today.

Do this NOW!

Click on the button below to reserve a time for your quit smoking strategy call and I promise to explain exactly how and why you CAN quit, quickly and easily. You new, smoke-free life is just around the corner and in just seven days you could be living a totally different, more healthy and rewarding life. I’m truly looking forward to helping you on that journey.

I want to Stop Smoking